Update on the effects of Hurricane Otto at La Selva and Palo Verde   

November 25, 2016. At La Selva, the worst of the storm is over. There are some damages, but everyone is OK. They lost power (running on the generator), had several tree falls (a couple fell on buildings that will require a lot of repairs, like the River Station), but everyone is healthy, fed, and calm...Read more


 Progress of Hurricane Otto at La Selva and Palo Verde   

November 24, 2016. Hurricane Otto made landfall in Nicaragua, close to Bluefields, around 1:00 pm CST. It continues to move west, heading towards San Carlos de Nicaragua and Guanacaste (Northern Pacific Costa Rica)...Read more


 Progress of Hurricane Otto   

November 24, 2016. We are closely monitoring the progress of Hurricane Otto as it passes through Costa Rica.  Our field stations have enacted their emergency plans. Students, researchers and our staff are sheltering in place at our stations which are well-provisioned to  weather the storm.  We continue to monitor Costa Rican government alerts and international weather updates.Read more


 Come and visit the All Access Trail in La Selva   

November 18, 2016. The access to natural surroundings is part of the rights of the disabled people. On November 13, La Selva Research Station inaugurated the All Access Trail to facilitate the contact with tropical forest...Read more


 La Selva and Las Cruces included in road trip Denver-Costa Rica  

September 27, 2016. Wanderings in Central America: Crocs, Pyramids and Super Glue is the story of a 10,056 mile road trip from Denver, Colorado to Costa Rica and back ...Read more


 Three Young Researchers Receive Awards from OTS Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science Program  

September 27, 2016. How do tropical ecosystems respond to a changing climate? How do natural and human-dominated systems interact? How can we restore tropical ecosystems? ...Read more

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