Open house at Las Cruces

August 14. On July 29, Las Cruces Research Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden hosted its inaugural Open House Day, with over 450 people from our local community visiting the station!...Read more


Second session of Global Health wraps up

August 14. Last week marked the conclusion for the second summer session of the OTS undergraduate course Global Health Issues in South Africa...Read more


Scrambled eggs: a La Selva Food Web Study

August 14. Scrambled eggs? This title the researcher gave her project really caught my attention. The eggs in question are lizard eggs, and they are being “un-scrambled” in an interesting and far-reaching research project that has been undertaken by one of the graduate students at La Selva...Read more


Life below the surface: understanding the health of rivers

August 14. We traveled upon a very rough road for many kilometers over a surface of dirt and small gravel, getting deeper into the forest until we reached the destination...Read more


 Undergraduate Enrollment Management Team Fall Recruitment Schedule

August 14. The undergraduate Enrollment Management team will be traveling across the country visiting universities and colleges this fall...Read more


 Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course

July 24. A diverse group of students representing 11 American countries (Costa Rica, United States, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador) has given life to our Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course...Read more

Organization for Tropical Studies
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