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Are protected areas working?

Are protected areas working? Is the talk imparted by Dr. Bernard Coetzee on July 19th, 2017, at OTS´ Headquarters in Costa Rica. He is a Biologist, specialist in Conservation Biology, and professor of the Duke University/OTS course “African Ecology and Conservation” at the Skukuza Biological Station in South Africa.

While protected areas are a key component of the global conservation strategy, quantitative demonstrations of their positive ecological performance, meaning the extent to which they conserve the biodiversity features they were designated to protect, is broadly lacking. Bernard Coetzee’s talk focused on the emerging efforts to evaluate protected areas, with a focus on establishing their ecological performance by using internal and external comparisons. It highlights recent advances in evaluations and explores the challenges remaining in developing a more credible evidence-base to demonstrate the importance of biodiversity conservation.

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