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Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course

A diverse group of students representing 11 American countries (Costa Rica, United States, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador) has given life to our Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course. The students come to the course with a strong interest in learning about plants, and, through the experience, forge friendships within the framework of a collaborative spirit cooperative learning. The course was taught by renowned specialists Dr. Robbin Moran of the New York Botanical Garden (USA), Dr. Francisco Morales of Costa Rica, Dr. Mariano Donato of the University of La Plata (Argentina) and Dr. Julio Betancur of the Colombian National Herbarium, who share their vast experience and knowledge with the students, enabling the participants to gain a more intimate view of plant diversity as well as the importance of botany in general.

The course alternated between walks, laboratory exercises, as well as various talks and workshops that aimed to bring students to the broad spectrum of the activities faced by botanists in their daily work. Each visited site presented students with the most conspicuous elements of botanical diversity, with their corresponding discussion and analysis, culminating in all cases with a sample identification test to tropical plant diversity.

The SPT course currently is in its final stretch with the students working in the herbaria in San José. The mood is high among the participants and everyone is finishing their projects and writing of their reports. It is very gratifying to see the next generation of botanists so interested in understanding tropical plant diversity.

Last Updated ( 07/24/17 )
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