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Open house at Las Cruces

On July 29, Las Cruces Research Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden hosted its inaugural Open House Day, with over 450 people from our local community visiting the station! This outreach event aimed to share the station’s science, conservation and sustainability efforts with the surrounding community through guided walks, workshops, talks and exhibitions. All of these events were carried out by a committed group of staff, local volunteers, and scientists and research technicians from Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Cruz, Oregon State University, the San Vito Bird Club, Finca Los Patos Suertudos, and UNED Ecological Group.

The Open House Day carried forward community interactions that began with the EcoCultural Festival that Las Cruces hosted several years ago. This year, the staff added new activities at the station’s Science Center where children and adults alike explored collections of insects, learned how the movements of arachnids could help build better robots and prosthetics, saw a bird’s eye view of the southern Costa Rica region through cameras mounted on drones, deciphered bird songs, and marveled at the extraordinary diversity of tree seeds. All the while, a live band filled the surrounding area with lively marimba music and enthusiasm.

The activities planned by the staff were well attended. The station barely had enough guides to host nature walks and talks and conduct workshops.  Local artisans enjoyed brisk sales. A tree seedling give-away program was a huge success with over 400 native trees given away for planting at local homes and farms. The San Vito Bird Club was busy all day selling delicious backed goods and enjoying smiles of the children who lined-up for face painting. At the close of the event, everyone delighted in the talent of the youth from the region of Coto Brus with an outstanding performance by the Symphony Orchestra of the School of Music (SINEM).

Thanks to the efforts of the many volunteers, the Las Cruces Open House Day was a great blend of education, science, conservation, culture, and fun. Among the most rewarding outcomes were seeing so many local families who came to visit the station and botanical garden for the first time. This is a new tradition at the station and the staff and researchers look forward to seeing our new friends here next year!

Last Updated ( 08/22/17 )
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